Air Space

Mediolanum Private Banking
15.10.2016 – 15.01.2017
Bergamo, Italy

Title of the exhibition: “AIR SPACE”,
Manuel Bonfanti
Exhibition space: Banca Mediolanum, Via G. Camozzi, 80 Bergamo
Period: October 15, 2016 – January 15, 2017
Inauguration: October 15, 2015 hours 17,00


An air space, a portion of light and color ready to welcome the unexpected.

It is conceptual art that proposed by Manuel Bonfanti, protagonist of the exhibition “Air Space”, staffed at the exhibition space of Banca Mediolanum Private Banking in Bergamo.

An artist’s tribute to his home town, a new piece in the creative story of a son of pop art, now engaged in the search for expressionism made of lights and colors.

At the beginning of his career, in the nineties, he painted faces and faces


“I liked the graphic character of pop as a non-sense, the search for a meaningless reinterpretation based on spaces and situations,” explains the artist.

Then it was the turn of the patchwork and the evolution of chromatic scale studies designed as decorative accessories for large spaces.

Today Bonfanti’s research is the result of light and colors, such as Turner’s storms, with a chromatic explosion that is a gateway left open to the creativity of the artist.

“I look for the invisible in the air and space – he says – from the idea of ​​transparency, waiting for something that can confuse the plan, something that can happen.”

About twenty the displayed canvases, all works made by Bonfanti in the last year: oils on canvas but also acrylic and emulsion.

“I like to work on large dimensions “

“When I work on a project, I always think of a museum as a last resort, I like to imagine my works ideally in a temple: a museum, just a bank. “

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