In the middle of now-where

A work is composed of ideas, choices, decisions taken to respond to an ever- open question about the meaning of art. The question being discussed here regards the nature of abstract painting and arose within the context of the broader Aedificante project promoted by Giuseppe Taramelli. “In the middle of now-where” is a possible and concrete response. Possible, because there are many ways of conceiving abstraction. Concrete, because this work with its many ways of being, bears witness to a few in particular, which are worthy of being discussed. Abstraction as a process, from ab-traere: “to draw away from”, as the Latins intended. And indeed “Inthemiddleofnow-where”isdrawnawayfromlife.Animpressionoffeeling,an expressionof what is essential: in this public exhibition what remains is that which has withstood, water, scrapings, ablutions. Abstraction as detachment, a radical rejection of the figure, an emptying of the imaginary, an iconoclastic ex-voto: “In the middle of now-where” suspends all forms of representation, after all that cinema passes by, scrutinises you and leaves. Abstraction as purification, to sublimate violence, re-channel energy, preferring Bach to Beethoven: “In the middle-of-now-where” is the effect of an emptying, the freedom of knowing nothing more. Abstraction until nothingness, where time is suspended and space is infinite, when every desire can be forgotten. Hic et nunc. Here and now. The abstraction is “In the middle of now-where”. And there is something edifying in the midst of things, time and space, where and when there is nothing left to say. The beginning of everything is “In the middle of now-where”. Between form and colour. There is abstraction that fills, like a cascade of new emotions open to our innermost pluralities, like a river that leads us to desire that which is truly ours. There is abstraction that structures, re-establishing the free space of the imagination: at the expense of the always familiar chronicles that plague the contemporary. There is abstraction that lives, as an active and restorative organism, always in relation to the world, always ready to ask, between time, space, form and colour: but what do you see in me? Art for re-structuring the spirit in the essence of abstraction. This is what “In the middle of now- where” proposes.


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Aedificante Construction Site di Taramelli S.r.l. presenta Manuel Bonfanti In the Middle of Now-Where
Palazzo Mora Venice (Italy), Strada Nova, 3659
European Cultural Centre 20/4 > 24/11/2024

Manuel Bonfanti

born in Bergamo, 01 22 1974, where he lives and works.

He graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and attended courses in Luciano Fabro, Alberto Garutti and thesis supervisor Prof. Marco Meneguzzo in history of contemporary art.

Study fashion design at Jyuvaskila Politechinck, Finland for the project Erasmus.

The artist searches for the aesthetic relationship of the Sublime, space and light, atmospheres of air musical, he often paints large canvases, where color creates environments with a mystical flavour Zen landscape.

The artist is interested in placing himself in front of the invisible and the environment of spiritual places, al bordering on abstraction with an animistic flavour.

The personal exhibitions at the National Cultural Center of Kazan in Russia are highlighted, year of friendship between Italy and the Russian Federation and at the Institute Italian Culture in Prague in conjunction with the Italian Republic Day.

He is curator of the permanent contemporary art project The Tube One, at the ASST Bergamo Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo.

He exhibits regularly and is present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. “In the middle of now – where”, during the Venice Biennale 2024 at the European Cultural Center, with Aedificante.

Main Bio

2024: “ In the middle of Now-Where, Visions Unveiled”, Galleria Area 35, Milano, Care of Giacomo Valerio.

2024: “ In the middle of Now-Where”, Personal Structures, European cultural Center, during the Biennale di Venezia 2024. A cura di Aedificante e Manuel Bonfanti.

2022: “Spazi Svelati”, Ulisse Gallery, Roma, Italy. Cat. text of Alessandro Masi. 2020: “Lecito è immaginare..del Sublime”, Settecento, Presezzo, Bg, Italy. Care of Alessandra Gotti e Marcello Boccardo.

2016: “Air space”, Banca Mediolanum Private Banking Bergamo, Italy. Care of Leo Galleries Monza.

2013: “The landscape beyond the crisis”, Italian Institute of Culture in Prague, Czech Rep. Cat. text of Ivan Quaroni.

2011: “No Name”, National Cultural Center, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. Care of Manuel Bonfanti.

2010: “Church roof & friends”, Area 35 Gallery, Milan, Italy. Care of Giacomo Marco Valerio, Cat.